Evolution & Sophistication
In less thant 50 years, the country has managed to diversify from a mono-agricultural economy into one reliant on manufacturing, tourism and financial services. In light of the improving sectorial and geographical diversification of local firms the enhanced international appeal of Mauritian equities continue to represent an attractive medium to long- term investment opportunity.

Historical Return
Since its inception [July 1989], the SEMTRI has returned 16.35% annually in MUR terms. Better yet, the SEMTRI has grown at a faster pace in USD terms than most of the world’s major indices over this period.

Total Return
SEMTRI (Mauritius) 12.78%
JSE* ( South Africa) 11.52%
S&P500 (US) 9.58%
MSCI Emerging** 8.59%
FTSE 100 (UK) 7.49%
EUROXX 50 (Europe) 7.02%
MSCI World 6.46%
NIKKEI (Japan)*** 5.93%

*Calculated as from July 2002 – Available data only
**Calculated as from January 1999 -Available data only
***Calculated as from January 2002 -Available data only

All data as of 30th of June 2016.

Local Companies’ African Expansion
As the Mauritian economy matured and underwent its industrialisation phase, domestic economic opportunities inevitably grew scarcer.

In addition, given the inherent geographic and demographic constraints of the island, it was only a matter of time before the local business community began to eye investment opportunities elsewhere in the region.

The emergence of Africa as a privileged investment destination over the past decade has crystallised local corporations’ desire to explore new horizons. The performance of Mauritian companies is now inextricably linked to that of the African continent.

As the scope of these companies’ foreign activities continues to grow, it is likely that their growth will be increasingly underpinned by their international operations.

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