Investment Methods

First things first ! What are your long-term objectives?

AXIOM gives you the option to finance these Long-term objectives via two different investment methods:

The Lump Sum investment plan or the Regular Saving investment plan.

Whatever your goal, bear in mind that, only time, growth and a good investment structure can make it happen.

Quick Simulator

1For your rate of return, would you be :

6%Conservative? 8%Moderate? 10%Optimistic?

2For how many years will you be investing your money?


3Do you want to invest every month? Or one lump sum? Or Both?

  • Contributing a fixed amount of money every month
  • The longer you contribute the more benefit you shall get
  • No money is locked
  • You can withdraw at any time with no cost
The earlier you start the less money you should contribute every month

Monthly contribution amount


Expected future value amount

lump sum
Invest and let time and skills do the rest
  • One-off money contribution into the fund
  • A minimum of 5 years is recommended for this plan
  • No money is locked for such a period
  • You can withdraw at any time
Alternatively to the saving plan, by investing a lump sum today, your return over 30 years can be significantly superior.

Total contribution amount


Expected future value amount

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